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Six years ago, we were sitting by the poolside, having sangrias and lamenting about life. The kind of long conversations you have with a friend after watching an inspiring movie. We got to talking about how no one really teaches you the real adulting stuff in school – like asking critical questions, navigating human relationships, negotiating boundaries, how to be happy, deciding core values, how to get what you want.

Our quest to learn this stuff has led us to develop a model for self-growth that rests on four value pillars: Education, Authenticity, Facilitation, Empowerment.

Our Skills
Coaching & Counselling85%
Instructional Design90%
Wellness Interventions95%
Goal Setting & Achievement90%
Leadership Development92%
Team Building & Culture88%


Begin by assessing needs. The hallmark of a great learning experience is the ability to inspire action and equip the learner with the right tools to succeed. At Liftree, we believe that the right learning opportunities can radically transform entire communities.


To empower is not to “give” power. Rather, it is to bring the learner back to a place where they realise that they already have the power – and to encourage them to seize it! Liftree is built on a foundation of empowerment. This value which underlies any and every communication we undertake at Liftree.


We want to facilitate growth through stark, honest conversations. We will not pretend to have magical answers for human problems. At Liftree, we will work through issues in using the learner’s own reality as a unique frame of reference.


Create considerate and inclusive communities. Instead of “selling” products, we build relationships. At Liftree, we are guardians of sacred spaces where people can safely let their vulnerabilities come out to play. We are facilitators of curated experiences.

Our Team


Mother, wife, yogi, artist and observer of the human condition


Thinker, dreamer, doodler, meditator, listener of worldly woes

Every person is born with innate personal power
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